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Do you want to take a payday loan, but you do not know which offer is the most advantageous? Use the Good Finance loan comparer. Thanks to the actual annual interest rate, you can carefully look through the payday loans offer in terms of loan costs.

45 People chose this offer I choose Additional information 2 Loan amount From USD 100.00 to USD 3000.00 The maximum amount of the first loan is USD 1,500. Loan period From 15 days to 30 days Loans granted for a period of 15 to 30 days.

Required Income No BIK verification Yes People who have a positive history at the Credit Information Bureau can apply for a loan. Comments The borrower must have an active telephone number. 

What is a loan?


A loan is a financial operation involving the granting of a selected amount of money under certain conditions. How the loans can be granted is governed by the Civil Code. The funds obtained in this way can be used for any purpose . And what is the difference between a loan and a loan? Credit-related issues are governed by banking law. However, loans can be granted by a bank or other financial institution or even a natural person without business activity. An important issue is also the fact that for amounts up to USD 1,000 it is not necessary to write a contract.

There are many types of loans . Payday loans are the most popular, i.e. funds granted most often for a maximum of 60 days, which are paid back in one installment. Usually payday loans without BIK guarantee that the client will not be verified in the debtors’ databases. Similarly, installment loans can also be provided. These, depending on the amount for which they are granted, may require various formalities. Your creditworthiness will be checked if you are applying for a large commitment.

Depending on how the commitment is granted, “classic” loans and online loans stand out. In the case of the former, all formalities are carried out at the branch of the financial institution. An online loan allows you to get money without leaving your home – the funds are transferred to the bank account provided. In this way, both payday loan without verification and installment loan can be granted.

As already mentioned, virtually anyone can offer this type of commitment. There are non-bank and bank loans. The former are in the offer of so-called parabanks, or institutions that specialize in providing money on these principles. Currently, these are mostly non-bank loans online, because these are easiest to get. An interesting option are social loans , i.e. social lending. It is requested through a special internet platform and the lender is an investor who agrees to your terms. In addition, there are also private loans – they can be granted by family members or unrelated persons.

The loan for the unemployed is granted without the need to provide a certificate of employment, while the loan for the indebted means that the customer will not be checked in popular debtors’ databases, such as BIK or KRD.

Regardless of which type of loan you choose, it is worth knowing the answer to the question what an APRC is in banks and parabanks, because it is this indicator that may be the most important for you.

APRC – what does this mean?

APRC - what does this mean?

APRC – what is this? It’s an abbreviation of Actual Annual Interest Rate . And in practice – what is the APRC? This is an indicator showing what the actual cost of the commitment will be. In most cases, the lender repays not only the amount borrowed and interest on it, but also the commission, additional fees associated with starting this process.

Importantly, the APRC also takes into account the change in the value of money over time , therefore it will never be equal to the interest rate. If the loan does not include any costs other than interest, the APRC will be slightly higher anyway, which is why this indicator should be used when looking for a favorable offer.

Fast loan online – what to look for?

Fast loan online - what to look for?

Online loans are currently one of the most popular ways to get additional funds. The whole process takes place online, and the necessary documents are sent electronically. No wonder so many people use it. However, it is important to know that there are so many financial products of this type that it is not difficult to get lost. So what should you pay attention to in order not to overpay? On the abovementioned APRC.

If you need a quick online loan, you’ll be able to compare it using only this indicator . Why? Imagine the situation that the company X offers a loan with an interest rate of 7%, and APRC is 8.5%. Whereas in the Y company interest rate is only at the level of 5%, while the APRC is as much as 10%. And although theoretically, it seems that you will pay less in Y, because the interest will be much lower, high additional fees are imposed on you, and the actual cost will be significantly different from the first offer. So if you do not have time for accurate comparisons, it is guided primarily by this parameter.

Loans for those in debt and APRC

Loans for those in debt and APRC

Who will grant a loan to those in debt? Currently, most parabanks offer loans without BIK, KRD. However, it should be remembered that a loan for those in debt with a bailiff or other unpaid liabilities will be more expensive . How does this affect the APRC? It can be expected that in the case of loans without BIK for the indebted it will be much higher than in the case of the offer without such risk. At the same time, you also need to know when the debt expires to be sure when the information about unpaid installments will cease to appear in BIK.

Loan comparison

If you need a quick cash loan, the easiest way is to use an online tool that you can use to compare different financial products. How does it work? Collects loans and payday loans from institutions that have entered into cooperation with the service and standardizes information about them. But that’s not all. It allows you to tailor offers to your needs – just specify the loan amount and repayment period to see only those products that meet your expectations.

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