Instant payday loan despite trial period.


How to avail loan in spite of trial period?

The trial period is designed to see if the worker has the required qualities that the employer wants. An employee who wants to take out a loan during the trial period finds it difficult to find the right bank to issue an instant payday loan despite the trial period. Two points are crucial when borrowing. On the one hand, the Credit Bureau must not have any negative entries and there must be a regular income of the appropriate amount. When taking out an immediate loan despite a probationary period, even a temporary employment relationship can cause major problems, but it looks even worse with an employment relationship on a trial basis. See

During the trial period, the notice periods are very short, so that the applicant can lose his job more quickly than employees with a fixed employment contract. Those who work on a trial basis often have only two weeks’ notice. Based on this fact, many banks refuse an instant payday loan despite a trial period. However, the search should not end immediately, patience is required to be successful and to find a lender. This loan can be a solution to settle important bills and relax the financial situation.

What are the ways to get a loan despite a trial period?

It is possible to take out an instant payday loan despite the trial period. Banks offer various options for applying for a loan. If the applicant has collateral or a surety, an installment loan is possible, for example. If the borrower can no longer pay the installments, the guarantor must step in. As a result, the bank no longer has a risk that the loan will not be paid and approval for an immediate loan can be granted despite the trial period.

Another option is the overdraft facility, which can be used. A written application can be used to increase the current account so that more money is available every month. It is often the case that the overdraft facility is increased by two monthly salaries so that small purchases or invoices can be paid.

Interest rates are much higher than on an installment loan, so it can be expensive. But as soon as the trial period is over and a permanent employment relationship is established, both a overdraft facility can be paid and a normal loan can be drawn on. This means that the overdraft facility can be compensated for with a normal loan and the monthly installments that have to be paid are very low.

In the case of an instant payday loan despite a trial period, a comparison should help to gather information and to check whether the loan is affordable. In addition, the best conditions can be found so that the instant payday loan is not too expensive for the applicant despite the trial period.

Unknown Online Payday Loans via the Internet

Unknown Online Payday Loans appear regularly in the non-banking industry. This is due to the fact that many companies release new products to the market to interest a different group of customers. It is very often the case that unknown Online Payday Loans via the internet are largely daughter companies of the big Online Payday Loans on the market.

Often, such information can be found on Internet forums when it comes to giving opinions on the topics of financial companies. It is also often the case that unknown Online Payday Loans offer a better, more favorable offer than the one that used to exist on the market. Very often with the start of such an unknown payday payday, an option with a free loan appears.

Free unknown Online Payday Loans

Free unknown Online Payday Loans

Free unknown Online Payday Loans are very often a tasty treat for customers. A comprehensive list of non-banking companies on our website. This is due to a simple calculation that borrowing without interest is more favorable than with interest. Interest-free offers and unknown Online Payday Loans on the internet are phrases that often accompany each other.

According to current trends, the popularity of Online Payday Loans for zero results in a wide number of new customers. The most important is that there is nothing in it that could point to empty slogans.

Deposits worth investing in for a long period. Free Online Payday Loans are very often actually borrowed for free, i.e. the client does not pay for the commission, for additional fees or for interest. So in summary we give back as much as we borrowed.

Minimum formalities over the internet

Minimum formalities over the internet

In the case of Online Payday Loans via the internet, the priority that ensures popularity of this industry is the minimum of formalities that the customer should meet. Usually, proof of payment is required to take out Online Payday Loans, thus reaching the age of 18, permanent address and any income certificate.

Read about insurance online. This means that companies do not always require such certificates and Online Payday Loans are issued as proof. Non-bank institutions also have the option of checking their new clients at the Credit Information Bureau as well as at KRD.

However, in practice, it looks like each company follows its own rules when servicing clients who apply for Online Payday Loans online. Browse our current online payday rankings frequently. The most important thing that concerns the conclusion of any contract is to become familiar with its content in detail, and this should be ensured when we sign contracts for Online Payday Loans.

Comparison of loans

Do you want to take a payday loan, but you do not know which offer is the most advantageous? Use the Good Finance loan comparer. Thanks to the actual annual interest rate, you can carefully look through the payday loans offer in terms of loan costs.

45 People chose this offer I choose Additional information 2 Loan amount From USD 100.00 to USD 3000.00 The maximum amount of the first loan is USD 1,500. Loan period From 15 days to 30 days Loans granted for a period of 15 to 30 days.

Required Income No BIK verification Yes People who have a positive history at the Credit Information Bureau can apply for a loan. Comments The borrower must have an active telephone number. 

What is a loan?


A loan is a financial operation involving the granting of a selected amount of money under certain conditions. How the loans can be granted is governed by the Civil Code. The funds obtained in this way can be used for any purpose . And what is the difference between a loan and a loan? Credit-related issues are governed by banking law. However, loans can be granted by a bank or other financial institution or even a natural person without business activity. An important issue is also the fact that for amounts up to USD 1,000 it is not necessary to write a contract.

There are many types of loans . Payday loans are the most popular, i.e. funds granted most often for a maximum of 60 days, which are paid back in one installment. Usually payday loans without BIK guarantee that the client will not be verified in the debtors’ databases. Similarly, installment loans can also be provided. These, depending on the amount for which they are granted, may require various formalities. Your creditworthiness will be checked if you are applying for a large commitment.

Depending on how the commitment is granted, “classic” loans and online loans stand out. In the case of the former, all formalities are carried out at the branch of the financial institution. An online loan allows you to get money without leaving your home – the funds are transferred to the bank account provided. In this way, both payday loan without verification and installment loan can be granted.

As already mentioned, virtually anyone can offer this type of commitment. There are non-bank and bank loans. The former are in the offer of so-called parabanks, or institutions that specialize in providing money on these principles. Currently, these are mostly non-bank loans online, because these are easiest to get. An interesting option are social loans , i.e. social lending. It is requested through a special internet platform and the lender is an investor who agrees to your terms. In addition, there are also private loans – they can be granted by family members or unrelated persons.

The loan for the unemployed is granted without the need to provide a certificate of employment, while the loan for the indebted means that the customer will not be checked in popular debtors’ databases, such as BIK or KRD.

Regardless of which type of loan you choose, it is worth knowing the answer to the question what an APRC is in banks and parabanks, because it is this indicator that may be the most important for you.

APRC – what does this mean?

APRC - what does this mean?

APRC – what is this? It’s an abbreviation of Actual Annual Interest Rate . And in practice – what is the APRC? This is an indicator showing what the actual cost of the commitment will be. In most cases, the lender repays not only the amount borrowed and interest on it, but also the commission, additional fees associated with starting this process.

Importantly, the APRC also takes into account the change in the value of money over time , therefore it will never be equal to the interest rate. If the loan does not include any costs other than interest, the APRC will be slightly higher anyway, which is why this indicator should be used when looking for a favorable offer.

Fast loan online – what to look for?

Fast loan online - what to look for?

Online loans are currently one of the most popular ways to get additional funds. The whole process takes place online, and the necessary documents are sent electronically. No wonder so many people use it. However, it is important to know that there are so many financial products of this type that it is not difficult to get lost. So what should you pay attention to in order not to overpay? On the abovementioned APRC.

If you need a quick online loan, you’ll be able to compare it using only this indicator . Why? Imagine the situation that the company X offers a loan with an interest rate of 7%, and APRC is 8.5%. Whereas in the Y company interest rate is only at the level of 5%, while the APRC is as much as 10%. And although theoretically, it seems that you will pay less in Y, because the interest will be much lower, high additional fees are imposed on you, and the actual cost will be significantly different from the first offer. So if you do not have time for accurate comparisons, it is guided primarily by this parameter.

Loans for those in debt and APRC

Loans for those in debt and APRC

Who will grant a loan to those in debt? Currently, most parabanks offer loans without BIK, KRD. However, it should be remembered that a loan for those in debt with a bailiff or other unpaid liabilities will be more expensive . How does this affect the APRC? It can be expected that in the case of loans without BIK for the indebted it will be much higher than in the case of the offer without such risk. At the same time, you also need to know when the debt expires to be sure when the information about unpaid installments will cease to appear in BIK.

Loan comparison

If you need a quick cash loan, the easiest way is to use an online tool that you can use to compare different financial products. How does it work? Collects loans and payday loans from institutions that have entered into cooperation with the service and standardizes information about them. But that’s not all. It allows you to tailor offers to your needs – just specify the loan amount and repayment period to see only those products that meet your expectations.

The zero-rate loan ensures maintenance

Who wants the skin of the Zero Rate Loan? This real boost from the state towards property candidates has recently been called into question. Yet this program makes it easier for thousands of borrowers to access credit. According to a given scale, borrowers can access capital of several tens of thousands of euros, and this without paying interest. Part of the financing of a property will therefore be covered by this “free credit”. In reality, interest is paid by the state directly to the bank.


Period of low interest rates

Period of low interest rates

Which is giving French property purchasing power back (+ 36% since 2008), certain studies call into question the zero-rate loan. Due to the low cost of real estate loans with an average rate set at 1.12% last November, the question of paying capital without consideration arises; at least in relaxed areas.

In this sense, the scope of the PTZ was discussed in Parliament during the examination of the 2020 Finance Bill. The deputies defenders of the PTZ therefore won their case at last reading Thursday, December 19, 2019. The final adoption of the PTZ in its 2020 version puts an end to a tussle started between, on the one hand, the parliamentarians of the Bourbon palace and the building professionals and, on the other hand, the government.


The future of PTZ after 2020


As a reminder, the initial project wanted by the executive was to reduce the scope of the PTZ. For this, it was planned to limit the granting of the loan at zero rate in the so-called relaxed market areas, more specifically in B2 and C. With such provisions, it is the rural territories which would be the most affected. A withdrawal from the PTZ for goods located in the countryside would therefore affect thousands of buyers.

Because with this interest-free loan, loan seekers benefit from an essential asset. Indeed, the capital obtained with a zero rate can be used as contribution in the context of real estate financing. The acquisition project is therefore more solid in the eyes of the bank. Access to the PTZ is defined according to the geographic area and the income conditions of the applicants.

With the maintenance of the PTZ in the state, the French wishing to settle green will not be impacted, at least in 2020. Indeed, if the PTZ is renewed for the coming year, nothing is sure yet thereafter.

Know What The 5 Cs Of Credit Are

Anyone wishing to offer the customer term payment options needs a well-defined strategy, which includes deciding the type of audience that will have this alternative. For this, a good method is in the so-called 5 credit C’s. Do you know what it is about and how to apply it to your business?

When to offer credit

money loan

Forward selling is often a strategy for attracting new customers and retaining old ones. There is not necessarily an increase in billing, which depends on the expected receipt being made. Despite applying for competitive advantage, offering facilitated payment terms requires planning, otherwise it will result in loss.

Retailers, especially, can sell on the end-consumer credit card. It is practical for both sides, convenient for those who can get up to 40 days to pay and advantageous for you, who receives the value with the small discount and passes the risk of default to the bank. When the negotiation takes place between companies, the situation changes. To grant credit, who acts as supplier uses the duplicate. It is nothing more than a security, consisting of several monthly installments.

It is an agreement between you and your client, without intermediaries.

Although it does not involve fees, there is a risk entirely post by those who offer payment in this way. If a portion is not paid, the seller does not receive and then needs to charge. If it was a forgetting, it will be easy to solve. But what if it is bad faith or the result of serious financial difficulty? Difficulty in recovering credit not paid by the defaulting customer is one of the main reasons for your business to plan as well as who will grant such advantages. And this is where knowing the 5 credit C’s can make a difference.

5 Credit C’s and the Customer Profile

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Financial institutions offering credit need to analyze characteristiC’s of those who apply for credit before deciding whether or not to approve such requests. Hence comes what is commonly referred to as the 5 C’s of credit, a valid instrument to be applied also in the micro and small business strategy. Let’s understand each of the components better.

Capacity C

The first aspect to consider before granting credit concerns the applicant’s ability to meet its commitments and effectively repay the loan obtained.

But how is this analysis done? The financial institution will note items such as the cash flow of the requesting business, the existence or otherwise of alternatives that may be used for the repayment of the loan, the age of the company, the profile of the partners and the sector in which it operates. how credit will be employed. All of these factors must go into the ability to pay assessment.

C of collateral

The second C refers to the guarantees given in exchange for the granting of the loan. These can include all company equipment, real estate, inventory, accounts receivable and anything that can fulfill the collateral function for the supplier if the loan amount is not properly paid.

In this item, the figures of the guarantors of the negotiation, which may be the partners of the requesting company in the form of individuals, are also usually allocated. The higher the collateral, the higher the chances of success in repaying the loan proceeds. And that is precisely where the term collateral comes from.

C of character

Our next C refers to careful observation of the financial history of the company applying for credit. At this stage, it is essential that loans previously taken by it be reviewed. This will allow the grantor the advantage of understanding how the applicant has behaved, properly paid what he has requested and has respected deadlines, for example.

The analysis may also include the profiles of company partners as individuals, verifying their suitability and honesty. In the case of start-up businesses, even, this will be the main item to be evaluated, as the company itself does not have a relevant track record to obtain accurate conclusions.

C of conditions

This next credit C indicates an obvious but no less important action. When analyzing the conditions of the credit applicant, the objective is to assess the moment the company is going through, the situation in which its enterprises are, the prospects for the market and whether the business is on the rise, stagnation or fall. .

For this analysis to be carried out properly, beyond the company itself, the entire economic context must be taken into account, including even the applicant’s competitors. One must always remember that in the institution will offer credit if it realizes that the borrower will not be able to afford it.

Capital C

Our last C is the simplest to understand, precisely because of its relevance. Capital refers to the net worth of the company and its partners.

The analysis of this component measures the possibility of the applicant having other resources to invest in the business, regardless of the credit demanded. For example, the return on available capital and the level of indebtedness of its equity should be observed.

Use the 5 C’s of credit in your company

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Business lending is eventually discouraged by fears of default. With the use of 5 C’s, it is clear that this need not be. If this is a useful tool for financial institutions, where loan application analysis is routine, why would it be any different when dealing with their clients?

On the other hand, if you need to buy on time, look at your financial reality and see how well you can meet the five components presented in this article. If you are a good payer, have guarantees to offer, have a satisfactory net worth and can demonstrate the viability of your project, it will be easier to get the credit you need.

Customer and investor friendly industry. ideas, technological innovations and quick loans

Scoring based on Big Data, a prepaid credit card, a smartphone application, and the decision in a few minutes are examples of fintech services in which we invest. FinTech technologies combined with a high level of customer satisfaction will allow us to consolidate our market advantage and win the race for the modern consumer.

Why is it worth investing in the online loans sector?

Why is it worth investing in the online loans sector?

The consumer credit market has been booming for several years. According to the Association of Loan Companies last year, the value of sales of only new loans alone amounted to USD 5.1 billion.

This year it may reach even 6 billion, and in the following years the result may be double-digit. The fastest growth concerns the industry in which we operate, i.e. loans granted via the Internet. It is difficult to look for such dynamics in other sectors of the financial market. And what drives the development of the industry and your brands Loan and Credit?

The turning point for the quick loans industry was the transfer of the service to the internet and investing in FinTech solutions. Our two brands Loan and Credit contributed to this revolution. Operating as part of the international Aventus Capital group, we have access to the latest technologies and innovative solutions without which there would be no chance for further development.

And this is inscribed in the genotype of companies operating based on FinTech. In 2013, USD 3 billion was invested in companies from the FinTech industry in the world, a year later it was already USD 12 billion. But the record was only last year. According to KPMG estimates, the value of investments in fintech companies has exceeded USD 20 billion.

What innovative solutions can be found

What innovative solutions can be found

For us, it is very important to confirm our ability to work with information obtained from the client. Increasingly, he owns a smartphone, and wants to use the services – including loan companies – here and now. That is why both of our sites have efficient mobile versions. We are also constantly improving our innovative customer credit assessment algorithm, which, based on Big Data, complements classic credit scoring.

We basically use Big Data systems from the very beginning, and all information is always analyzed with the consent of the client. We guarantee full security of personal data storage. However, in the face of strong competition in the online loans market, investment in innovation and technologies is not enough.

Acquiring a new customer will always be more expensive than keeping an existing one. That is why we also win the race on the market through various loyalty reward programs that allow for customer satisfaction and constant loyalty.

In that case, will fintech companies offering loans online eliminate the traditional ones granting loans through branches or consultants?

As well-known American entrepreneur Marc Andreessen said “Software eating the World”. We’ve already been bitten. It went easy because we are small and more flexible than e.g. entities providing services through branches or consultants.

What challenges await your company?

What challenges await your company?

Demand for loans is increasing. Hence the need for continuous expansion and development, and this requires an additional source of financing and attracting investors. In this industry, investors and clients can gain a lot. There is no indication that customer interest in convenient and cheap loans has dropped.

In addition, our offer is simple: borrowers return money, and the investor gets what he cares about the most, i.e. a quick return on investment. Currently, it is difficult to find a faster, simpler and more profitable offer on the market. The interest rate on bank deposits is close to zero, government bonds do not guarantee a large profit, and investment in shares is quite risky.

Why Loan and Credit is a reliable business partner?

Why Loan and Credit is a reliable business partner?

We are a company with an established position in the market, we have many years of experience. We have been operating on the Polish online loan market since its inception, i.e. in 2012, when the Loan Plus brand was created. Thanks to this, we know how to borrow money and generate large profits.

In 2015 alone, we recorded a double increase in the total number of loans granted, and the portfolio of newly granted loans increased by as much as 207%. compared to last year. We assume even more dynamic growth this year. This puts us among the leaders in the category of loan companies providing online loans. The proof of this is even the distinction which our company was awarded – Fast Loan Leader 2015.

What do your immediate plans look like? Where is the Little Loan company going to?

We want to develop, both on the Polish and European market, on which we operate as part of Aventus Capital. We also want to attract new investors, for whom we want to be a platform for generating high profits. On the other hand, when it comes to the product itself, we strive for the customer to be able to use it at any time and place, on holidays, shopping or when the car broke down and we need cash for already. Investment in the mobile channel and innovative applications will help us be where the customer and his needs are.

Home loan: HCSF wants to reduce demand

Debt ratio capped at 33%, raises usury rates. These are all avenues emitted by the High Council for Financial Stability to anticipate the risks linked to the sustained demand for housing loans.


Clear increase in outstanding loans over one year

Clear increase in outstanding loans over one year

The real estate market is running at full speed thanks to the cannon credit rates which very strongly encourage the French to go to conquer the property. This dream, for many households, has actually become a reality with low rates. In most cases, financing solutions from banking establishments are required to pay the high amounts of real estate transactions. Faced with strong demand coupled with exceptional borrowing conditions, the release of funds continued to grow strongly compared to the previous year.

In fact, households went into debt by 6.6% of outstanding credit over one year to finance stone in September 2019. They indeed borrowed 21.7 billion dollars during this month. This growth has followed a very stable trend since the summer period with rates close to 6.5%. The Clear Save Bank, the source of the statistical data, reports a total of $ 1,060 billion in mortgage loans outstanding. This amount is neither more nor less than the housing debt that households are paying down in France.


Slowing down mortgage loan requests to control French debt

mortgage loan requests to control French debt

The tap on credit for real estate purchase projects therefore continues to flow with great flow, which causes concern among the authorities who are responsible for regulating the market and foreseeing any risk for the system. Concretely, the dynamics of housing loan production are such that the High Council for Financial Stability (HCSF) has taken the lead to anticipate a hypothetical runaway. The objective is then to identify the factors that could lead to an uncontrolled level of indebtedness likely to harm the ability of households to repay their credit which would destabilize the financial health of banks.

The HCSF thus conducted a consultation with professionals, concerned both closely and from afar by the mortgage market, in an attempt to find solutions against a risk of overheating. Among the proposed ideas, one stands out about the budget devoted to credits. In the law, there is no text that frames this indicator, although in practice it is common for banks to limit themselves to a debt ratio of 33% in order to limit the weight of maturities in household finances. And it is on this point that the HCSF could intervene to create a legal ceiling that professionals must not exceed.

In addition, the other track of the HCSF is to study a clear rise in usury rates which represent the maximum APR that banks can offer in a loan. With this action, professionals would be able to offer higher APRs, which will have the effect of increasing the wear rates, which are partly calculated on the basis of the average of all the rates offered on the market during for the past three months. For the regulator, it is indeed necessary to improve the profitability of banks on mortgage loans and above all to curb demand.

Finally, the last point dwells on the Prepayment Allowances (IRA) paid by a borrower to his home bank when he repurchases his home loan from a competing establishment. The HCSF considers that they are too weak to avoid massive renegotiation requests which again endanger the margins of the banks. In fact, they are equivalent to 6 months of interest accumulated at the average mortgage rate.

Know which taxes qualify for tax credit

Can your company be entitled to the so-called tax credit? This is a benefit aimed at small and medium businesses, providing for the reduction in the amount due in the payment of certain taxes. Knowing the rules is the first step to making use of this advantage.

Taxes entitled to tax credit

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It is no secret that the high tax burden represents one of the biggest challenges for the Brazilian entrepreneur. In this scenario, the granting of benefits ends up helping the company to maintain a lot. And that’s where the tax credit comes in.

The benefit is granted to small and medium-sized enterprises as an incentive, whereby businesses may deduct part of their invoicing or exit taxes. Let us detail now, with particular attention to the specific operations for granting the benefit in each tax.

But how can this advantage be enjoyed and what taxes are entitled to tax credit? 

The ICMS is a state tax and, for this reason, has different rates throughout the country (ranging from 7% to 18%) and also in interstate transportation operations. There are still exemptions forecast and the tip is to consult the state government website to get more information. Commercial, industrial or industry-related companies may use the tax to obtain tax credit, provided they use the presumption of profits. Some of the operations include the use of freight from carriers and the consumption of electricity in case of products for export and the return of articles for which tax has already been charged at exit.

Transport companies, in turn, have the extra options for the tax credit the purchase of any materials that are suitable for the operation itself, such as fuels and additives, which are considered inputs.

Similarly, industrial companies are entitled to this type of credit when they purchase raw materials or some intermediate product. The Tax on Industrialized Products (PPI) is due by those who produce or import, having as a generator fact the output of the industrial establishment or its customs clearance when coming from abroad. It is calculated on the sales price and the rates are in the TPPI table.

As the tax is levied on industrialized products, only industries or companies that are equivalent to them are entitled to tax credit.

money loan

The benefit is also restricted to those who collect taxes based on Presumed Profit. The planned operations include the purchase of raw materials, production goods and the return of products.

You can also get credit for this tax even by buying from wholesale merchants who do not issue the PPI on the notes. In such cases, the company is responsible for making the calculation basis in order to obtain the tax credit.

PIS and Cofins

The Social Integration Program (PIS) and the Contribution to Social Security Financing (Cofins) are federal taxes. The first is calculated monthly on the amount of invoicing or payroll. The second is calculated on gross revenue and is intended for social security and welfare funds.

The tax credit related to these two taxes can be obtained when the company uses Real Profit as a basis for taxation, regardless of its economic activity. For these two taxes, you can use the tax paid for transportation as well as goods issue. Other possibilities include storage costs and even electricity and rent, as long as the property is not part of the company’s assets. In addition, to be eligible for tax credit in this context, products must be purchased from Brazilian companies.

Companies in Simple are entitled to tax credit?

Tax scheme considered to be most advantageous for micro and small companies, National Simple cannot be used for those seeking tax credit. Even if the categories foreseen to qualify for the incentive are classified, it cannot be applied under any circumstances, due to the lower billing.

Given the impediment, the manager interested in the right to tax credit should advise whether it is more advantageous to exchange Simple for another tax scheme and thus achieving a reduction in taxes, or if it is best to remain within it, taking advantage of their other taxes. benefits.

The suggestion is that you talk in detail with your accountant, who is the one who best understands tax and tax management.

And can best advise you on the pros and cons of each possible path.

money loan

If you want to leave Simple National, it is important to evaluate which option is most interesting between Real Profit and Presumed Profit. Again, the accounting office is your biggest partner for this decision. Let’s briefly summarize each one:

  • Real Profit: scheme in which taxation is calculated on the net income of the calculation period, considering amounts to be added or discounted according to the compensations allowed by law.
  • Assumed Profit: Simplified tax formula to determine the basis of calculation of Corporate Income Tax (IRPJ) and Social Contribution on Net Income (CSLL). Can be chosen by non-US companies to adopt Real Profit for the calendar year in question.

Do the math to benefit

money loan

If it is true that Brazil has one of the highest tax burdens in the world, we cannot deny the importance of taking advantage of all legal ways to pay less taxes. And it is crucial to reinforce the legal aspect, as no deviation from the law is worth it, such as evasion. As we saw in this article, the tax credit is provided for in the law, has well-defined rules and thus can be an interesting tool to reduce the weight of taxes on your budget.

But as this definition even involves choosing the tax scheme to adopt – there is no way to make such an important decision without having all the information. Thus, the final tip imposes to strengthen the accountant’s role as his business partner. With his experience and knowledge, this professional offers conditions to point the safest and most profitable way.